Rosetta Stone Sugarbebes in Camrose, AB SCAMMED me with illegal copies

Red Deer, Alberta 0 comments

I recently purchased what I thought was original Rosetta Stone language programs from a company called Sugarbebes located in Camrose, AB.After receiving the package and trying them out, one of them wasn't even what I ordered and the other two did not have the code which is provided by the authorized manufacturer to activate the rest of the program.

Evidence that this was a copy. A very good copy but still a copy.

I sent back the program that was incorrect and have still not gotten the correct one sent back to me as promised. Although these are probably fakes they were still fairly expensive and when I complained to the seller, they mysteriously took the Rosetta Stone off of their website.

Hm? I'm very pissed off.

They also sell fakes of handbags and childrens clothes and alot of other stuff that I'm sure they get from mainland China and mark up 300%.

Business people like this make me sick.I hope they go bankrupt.

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